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Studio Recording Talent   "Let our Voices speak for you!"

A talented professional voice can make the difference between "so-so" and "so perfect" for your production. Triad Productions has a talent pool of excellent voice actors, skilled at handling the microphone. They each speak your lines in an articulate voice free of hesitation, sibilence, and the many ways that untrained speakers can make your recording less than perfect.

Female Voices

Voice ActorMoods and Styles
Kim Busbeepensive | intimate | humorous witch | comic enthusiasm
Polly Carver-Kimmfriendly concerned | informative | friendly conversational
Patty Choatebusiness friendly
Julie Englanderfriendly | soft informative | smooth declarative
Kim Grimaldiquick-step | sympathetic | slightly frustrated
Morgan Halgrensincere | humorous | ethnic accent voices
Becky Kemble
Mary Krier
Annie Meacham
Sue Pogge
Patty Risinger
Marcia Swinney

Voice Actor

Whether you are looking for soft and gentle, kind and conversational, happy and cheerful, authoritative and commanding, or even pleading, solicitous or humorous our skilled voice actors can portray exactly the right mood.

Click on the actor's names to hear their various voices and select just the right one for your production. Listen all the way through, because many recordings feature a variety of moods and styles. You will find the right voice to speak for you!

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