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LinSyn: Linux Software    

Opus 2010

There are many reasons that we are moving to the Linux Operating system. Cost, scalability, and reliability are our primary concerns. We have the Beta version of our system installed at Caesars Magical Empire and it has been running there since the beginning of the year 2000. The system is based on the original Synthesis concept that integrates synchronous and nonsynchronous events. It extends the capabilities available to the user by adding a third parameter to events programming. It also uses a common data pool so that multiple users can be programming different disciplines on a show simultaneously. If this environment sounds right for you please contact us to schedule a discussion of your needs at sales-linux[at] (Please replace bracketed expression with @.)

Synthesis DOS Based Systems    

Opus 2010

Synthesis is the collection of software programs that allow Triad's equipment to run shows. The main program runs on a PC compatible platform and is used to prepare all other code that will be needed for a system. It is available here for download. Please be aware that this software ONLY runs under DOS. It can be made to run under Windows but results are unpredictable so we do not recommend trying to run a show with it in that mode. It will work under Windows for a demonstration of the software and for editing of the files. It will NOT run on a Macintosh computer.
The first step in getting the software will be to tell us who you are. Don't be afraid, we do not spam people. We do offer help in setting up the software to run on your system. We also like to know who has a copy floating around out there. The zip file that you will download contains all the ancillary files that store the various data used by the system. We have written a sample for this demo that will start after you successfully load the software. There is a readme file included that we recommend for your perusal but the menus are self explanatory so it is not mandatory.
Please let us have your comments, good and bad. If you want to get even more familiar with the software inquire about the classes we teach in the use of our hardware and software.

SCU (BART) Configuration  16 bit Windows 3.1

Opus 2010

There are a number of parameters, stored in battery backed up RAM, that need to be set when programming one of the Triad controllers. These includes communications speed for communications ports, type of analog channels, and many more. The configuration editor can set them for you or it can prepare the events to be added to your own code that will set them each time the system is reset.

Blinky Board Editor  

Opus 2010

To program our cheap and cheerful chaser replacement (the Blinky Board) we have a windows based utility that will either directly run the board or will prepare a file to "burn" into EPROM for installation into the board.

Events Converter  

Opus 2010

We have written a utility that helps get back and forth between the various versions of the files used in our systems. This utility will also allow you to print out text versions of the files as well as doing basic editing of the text version.

Synthesis Schedule Editor  

Opus 2010

Provides the perfect way for managers or other non-technical personnel to manage the schedule that runs a DOS based synthesis show. Point annd click operation allows easy editing and it uses the same file format as the DOS version of synthesis so it's easy to import and run

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