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Triad Productions Show Control Projects

Kaiser/Permanente Pavilion Anaheim, CA, USA

Kaiser/Permanente Pavilion

for Batwin+Robin Productions

Triad Productions provided audio, video, and show control equipment, installation, and programming for the Kaiser/Permanente Pavilion at Innoventions at Disneyland. Highlights include mockups of Ultrasound machines that have an interactive capability, int

Sea World Atlantis Orlando, FL, USA

for Technifex, Inc.

Triad provided show control for audio, video, and special effects by Technifex for the first flume ride at Sea World.

Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton Las Vegas, NV, USA

Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton

for Landmark Entertainment Group

Triad provided the show control system which integrates all the subsystems for this elaborate attraction. The guest is transported to the bridge of the Enterprise for a preshow and then through a turbolift to the motion base for a ride through the 24th ce

GE Pavilion Orlando, FL, USA

GE Pavilion

for Batwin+Robin Productions

Triad provided all of the audio, video, and show control equipment, installation, and programming for the General Electric Pavilion at Innoventions at Epcot. Highlights include an 'Interview with Jay Leno' and interactive website terminals at NBC/MSNBC al

Race for Atlantis at the Forum Shops Las Vegas, NV, USA

for Idletime Network

Triad provided the show control for audio, video, projection, and lighting for this motion base experience. The show features a film presented in IMAX 3D along with Sonics PSE holophonic sound. Cathay Cineleisure, Singapore for Odyssey Attractions. Triad'

LA Museum of Science and Industry Los Angeles, CA, USA

for BBI Installed Systems

Triad provided an overall show control system for audio, video, lighting, special effects, and animation for a fifty foot sculpture to educate guests on the inner workings of a human body.

Discovery Zone

for Mars Systems

Triad is providing two systems for Discovery Zone--a karaoke system activated by touchscreen with laser disc video and a Point Of Sales display alternating with a live camera view of the kid's play area.

The Rise and Fall of Atlantis at the Forum Shops Las Vegas, NV, USA

for Lester Creative Inc.

Triad provided programming of animatronic figures, fountains, and audio/video control as well as show integration of lighting, audio, and fire for this show. Circle vision and a 70mm dome projection were incorporated into the show to enhance the story of

Busch Gardens Tut's Tomb Tampa, FL, USA

for Technifex, Inc.

Triad provided show control equipment, and programming for this walk-through museum where King Tut himself reveals his artifacts, and mysteries as he guides you through this replica of his tomb.

Stage 2000 Dallas, TX, USA

for ShowBiz Pizza Time, Inc.

Triad supplied a totally new control system, and the programming for the prototype of a new generation of show combining audio, video, animation, lighting, and special effects now running in Dallas, TX. The host for ShowBiz Pizza Time is, of course, Chuck

Jurassic Park Attraction Universal Studios Hollywood, CA, USA

for Scenographic Designs

Triad Synthesis controls the lighting, directed by Daniel Flannery/ Scenographic Designs, for the latest ride at Universal Studios, Hollywood.

Outer Limits Ride at King's Island and King's Dominion Paramount Parks, USA

for Stage Front Presentation Systems

From the inner mind to 55 mph in just a few seconds, Triad provided show control and programming for Stage Front Presentation Systems. The shows lead up to Linear Induction Motor propelled roller coasters at Paramount Parks' King's Island, and King's Domi

Rise of the Dragon Peak Tramways, Hong Kong

for Richard Crane Productions

Richard Crane Productions was the creator of this elaborate, multi-scene dark ride for the Hong Kong Shanghai Hotels. The special effects of Xanadu, animated characters from Advanced Animations, as well as all of the audio and lighting are precisely synch

Dark Castle Fantasy Pointe, Japan

for Technifex, Inc.

Triad provided show control equipment and programming for this project created by Technifex. Animated monsters, a guillotine, and dozens of special effects, sounds, and lights haunt this frightening dark ride in Japan.

Hollywood Casinos Tunica, MS, USA

for Scenographic Designs

Scenographic Designs designed an innovative synchronized fire and water show combined with environmental themes, animation, and spectacular lighting for Hollywood Casinos 'Adventure Slots'. Triad provided show and audio design, equipment , and programming

Or-Pan Limited Ramat-Gan, Israel

Triad provided a BART Controller , and motion programming system for their 3DOF motion base platform, soon to be followed by a 6DOF system.

IMAX/Ridefilm Corporation Worldwide

Triad has shipped 32 ride control systems for the IMAX/Ridefilm motion based simulator attractions. Triad is providing show control design services, equipment, and programming for this new adventure in themed entertainment. Triad continues to be the contr

Caesars' Magical Empire Las Vegas, NV, USA

Caesars' Magical Empire

for Landmark Entertainment Group

A themed dining experience designed by Landmark Entertainment Group for Caesars World with all the wonder you would expect in Las Vegas. Triad provided design, equipment, installation, and programming services for this attraction It opened in Spring of 19

Living History Farms Des Moines, IA, USA

A twenty minute history of agriculture in the 20th century complete with lighting and special effects. Triad provided production services, show control, lighting design, and audio for this attraction.

SkyDance at the Denver International Airport Denver, CO, USA

with Artifex/Eide Industries

Triad provided equipment and programming services for this artistic project that turns the translucent, seemingly tented ceiling into a shimmer of colors.

LunaPhantastic at Lost Kennywood West Mifflin, PA, USA

with Technifex, Inc.

Triad provided show control equipment and programming services for this nighttime spectacular at one of the premier theme parks on the East Coast.

Sight & Sound Ministries Strasburg, PA, USA

Triad continues to provide equipment and support for several religious theatrical productions produced by Sight & Sound Ministries. These include electric servo motor control for the 'Noah' production and the popular 'Living Waters'.

Tempus Expeditions Minneapolis, MN, USA

Tempus Expeditions, at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, is the world's first retail store featuring an all electric motion base ride. It features motion base cabins by Moog, Inc., high definition video, and DTS sound. Triad provided show control and au

Porto Europa -- Seafari Wakayama, Japan

for MCA Planning , and Development

Triad provided the show monitor and show control system for the Seafari simulator attraction which is one of three permanent attractions at Wakayama Marina Village.

Festivals of Singapore Museum Sentosa Island, Singapore

for Show Technologies, Inc.

Triad provided the Show Control system for animation, audio, lighting, and special effects for this walk-through exhibit of the many festivals and cultures of Singapore.

Celebration Station Tampa, FL, USA

for Mars Enterprises

Triad has provided show control systems , and show production since the founding of these family entertainment centers in 1982. A new 'mini theme park' in Tampa features interactive audience participation with a video wall system in the restaurant area.

Luxor Hotel Las Vegas, NV, USA

Front Feature

Triad Productions working with Laser Media provided Show Control equipment and programming for this Laser, Fountain, and Light show on the Las Vegas strip.

Interactive Camels

Triad provided a TC-550 BART Controller and programming services for the now famous 'Josie', and 'Elias' in the Luxor Hotel lobby. Although the camels move around the hotel, the guests still seek out this entertainment experience.

MGM Grand Hotel/Theme Park Las Vegas, NV, USA

Haunted Mine Ride

Ride through an abandoned silver mine that was discovered while excavating for the new MGM Grand Hotel. Technifex provided the creative design, animation, effects, and project management for this ride as Triad provided Show Control design, equipment, inst

Deep Earth Exploration

Intamin supplies the motion base ride and Triad the on-board control in this 'motion base on wheels' vehicle ride installed originally at the MGM Grand theme park.

Video Wall Scheduling

Triad developed a complex, real-time, interactive scheduling system for the Electrosonic Video Wall Display at the MGM Grand hotel.

Expo '93 Samsung Pavilion Taejon, Korea

with Landmark Entertainment Group,

Triad provided the Show Control equipment and programming services for this exciting motion base ride.

Expo '93 SsangYong Pavilion Taejon, Korea

with Landmark Entertainment Group

The Landmark Entertainment Group designed an underground forest and Triad provided the Show Control equipment , and support services to make it come to life.

Expo '93 Korean National Housing Commission Pavilion Taejon, Korea

with Landmark Entertainment Group

Landmark again provided the creative input to a five minute film experience combining animation, lighting, and effects.

Expo '93 Lotte Pavilion Fantastic Odyssey Taejon, Korea

Expo '93 Lotte Pavilion Fantastic Odyssey

with Daniel Flannery/Scenographic Designs

Daniel Flannery/Scenographic Designs scored again with his 'Fantastic Odyssey'. A sensory excursion consisting of water, fire, sound, and light; it was one of the highlights of Expo '93. Triad provided show control, show monitoring, and programming servic

Clarke Quay Adventure Singapore

with Sequoia Creative

Triad designed, installed, and programmed the Show Control and monitoring for this dark ride It is an indoor boat cruise through the history of the Singapore River with over 80 animatronic characters, special effects, and control for all audio and lightin

Give Kids the World Kissimmee, FL, USA

with ITEC Productions, Inc.

Triad donated equipment and services for the 'Castle of Miracles' which benefits terminally ill children and their families.

Gettysburg Park Services Gettysburg, PA

with Electrosonic and the National Park Service

Triad provided an update to the Show Control system for the classic 'Electric Map' exhibit at the sight of the battle of Gettysburg, in addition to a new control system for the Cyclorama Exhibit.

Motion Picture Makers, Inc. Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Triad's 'Synthesis Motion Base' system is the 'brains' behind this touring motion base attraction. Initial software includes a roller coaster simulation with many more films under development.

Simon Wiesenthal Center Los Angeles, CA, USA

Triad provided custom programming and interface for various interactive displays at this important historical museum. Visitors track the life of one of the many lost to the Holocaust using a card reader/tracking photocard system. A touch screen graphical

Batman Stunt Show at Six Flags Theme Parks Six Flags Parks Across the US

Batman Stunt Show at Six Flags Theme Parks

for Totally Fun Company

A fast paced action stunt show complete with live action pyrotechnics and fire. Working with the Totally Fun Company, Triad provided the control systems for this show which opened in five Six Flags theme parks within 30 days.
Featured at: Six Flags ove

Festival Fountains: The Forum Shops at Caesars Las Vegas, NV, USA

Festival Fountains: The Forum Shops at Caesars

for Marnell Corrao Associates

Statues come to life and entertain each hour in an attraction that welcomes visitors to the Forum Shops retail complex. Triad provided a Synthesis control system to integrate animatronic figures, lasers, lighting, audio, and special effects in this popula

Sky Feature: The Forum Shops at Caesars Las Vegas, NV, USA

for Marnell Corrao Associates

The mammoth domed ceiling at the Forum Shops at Caesars changes color to simulate day , and night. Triad's Synthesis software and hardware control over 700 dimmers that provide both the sky and store front lighting designed by Imero Fiorentino Associates.

Fantasmic at Disneyland Anaheim, CA, USA

for Maryland Sound Industries

Triad provided the Show Control for the complex audio source and mixing systems, as well as programming services for this highly successful nighttime spectacular that opened in the Spring of 1992. The show, with Triad's equipment, continues to run on a da

AT&T Winter and Summer CES Shows Las Vegas, NV and Chicago, IL

for Technifex

This trade show display featured a twin video wall, moving lights,and special effects to highlight products for one of the largest biannual shows in the world. Triad's show control was behind the scenes, controlling all aspects of the eight minute present

N.A. Philips touring Europe

for Technifex

The Philips Corporation chose Technifex to construct a traveling display to announce the product roll out of the Digital Compact Cassette. A Triad SCU/LDC controller operates video laser disc players, moving lights, and special effects for this display th

Nikko Hotel Los Angeles, CA

for Tishman Construction Corporation

Light and sound shows are the new hit at the Nikko Hotel ballrooms.Triad worked with Tishman Construction, R.A. Gray Associates, and Imero Fiorentino Associates to coordinate the ballroom sound and lighting into 'shows' using music and simulated storms by

E.T.'s Adventure at the Universal Studios Tour Hollywood, CA

It's the largest 'dark' ride on the world famous Studio Tour. Triad installed and programmed the Show Control , and show monitoring systems for this expanded, second generation of The E.T.'s Adventure in Florida.

Oita Harmonyland Oita, Japan

with Electrosonic Systems Ltd.

Triad provided the show control computers and show programming for the Theatre of Natural Harmony, the Palace of Myth , and Legends, and the Time Machine of Dreams at this Landmark Entertainment Group theme park which opened in Oita in 1991.

Show Control

Triad has supplied Show Control systems for a wide variety of exhibits, entertainment venus and commercial product displays.

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