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Designing to Fit Your Needs

Triad's AV Services division has long been known for our expertise in designing state of the art custom audio visual presentation facilities. Our experienced professionals can design a permanent facility that precisely meets your communications needs. Please call or e-mail us to find out how we can help you create the right environment for effective communications.

The following list of clients is provided as a representation of our projects and is not a complete listing. A brief description of each project is included to indicate the type of facility implementation, and is not a comprehensive description of the project. We will be happy to provide a more detailed description of any project, if client privilege allows.

Blue Cross / Blue Shield Board Room  

Location:  Des Moines, Iowa

Rear screen, single image slide with dissolve (three projector stack), video projection of cable TV, VHS and 3/4" tape, stereo presentation audio plus voice reinforcement, computer interface to video projector. Motorized front wall panels covering rear screen glass include a liquid writing surface and corporate logo panel. System control from booth, lectern or with portable wireless control from any location in the room. Triad did a recent upgrade of the public address system to include an automatic mixer and microphone system.

Des Moines City Council Chambers  

Location:  Des Moines, Iowa

Triad AV Services provided audio, video, system control, and a new voting system for the renovation of the historic Des Moines City Council Chambers. This comprehensive system includes computer, video, document and slide sources while simultaneously providing display in data and video modes.

Living History Farms - "Since Yesterday"  

Location:  Des Moines, Iowa

A twenty minute history of agriculture in the 20th century complete with lighting and special effects. Triad provided production services, show control, lighting design, and audio for this attraction.

Meredith Corporation Board Room  

Location:  Des Moines, Iowa

Rear screen projection of slides, scan-doubled video and computer images. Operation of all audio and video equipment controlled by a touch panel control system.

Meredith Corporation Video Teleconference Room    

Location:  Des Moines, Iowa

Rear screen projection of slides, scan-doubled video and computer images. All equipment is integrated with the video teleconference system.

Meredith Corporation Conference Core  

Location:  Des Moines, Iowa

Curved front wall projection surface for multi-media slide presentations (up to 18 projectors), overhead projection, video projection with computer interface. Space designed with raised floor to accommodate table or armchair seating. Projection booth at rear of room. Separate presentation audio system and public address. Hardwired remote control system. On line meeting record capability. Recent upgrade of video/computer projector. Added basic wireless remote control.

Meredith Corporation Media Center  

Location:  Des Moines, Iowa

Rear projection multi-media room with nine projector slide capability, video projection of VHS and 3/4" video, computer interface for data display, stereo presentation, vertically sliding writing boards built into front wall, hard wired remote control from lectern. Recent upgrade of video/computer projector. Added basic wireless remote control.

Mid America Marketing Group  

Location:  West Des Moines, Iowa

Rear screen marketing room with three projector slide dissolve presentation and stereo audio. Single button presentation "play" control. Presentation program dims room lighting and opens motorized front wall panel as presentation starts; closes front wall panel, resets room lights and recycles program material at end of program.

Norwest Card Services Board Room  

Location:  West Des Moines, Iowa

Electric screen with computer/video projector on motorized ceiling lift. Stereo presentation audio system. Wireless remote control system.

Norwest Card Services Training Center  

Location:  West Des Moines, Iowa

Three training rooms that combine into one large room. Each room is set for overhead projection and liquid chalk board writing surfaces. Computer data display and video tape display in center room. Recent upgrade to adjacent training rooms to mirror the output of center room. Several smaller meeting rooms with large multi-scan monitors. One training room equipped with high scan projection for use with Sun Graphics workstation.

US Army Corps of Engineers - Saylorville Lake Visitors Center  

Location:  Saylorville, Iowa

Meeting room and automated presentation theater with nine projector multi-media show. Converted existing garage into theater. AV Services produced the multi-image slide show titled "Earth - The Water Planet".

Scottish Rite Park  

Location:  Des Moines, Iowa

Fifty seat video theater with a distributed sound system

Simon Wiesenthal Center  

Location:  Los Angeles, California

Triad provided custom programming and interface for various interactive displays at this important historical museum. Visitors track the life of one of the many lost to the Holocaust using a card reader/tracking photocard system. A touch screen graphical database displays information about "Hate Groups" active in the United States

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